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Hello!  I absolutely love our 1st Birthday Photo sessions.  I love it when we get to celebrate our little ones growing. <3  To help make our session perfect, there are a few things I like to tell my mommas and daddies. :)

#1.  We have several 1st Birthday packages to choose from.  Two of them include our cake smash and bathtub if you would like.  Please take a moment and fill out the contract link for our session here.


#2.  Due to allergies, I ask that you bring the cake/cupcake/ ice cream/spaghetti of your choice.  You name it, we can smash it!  LOL

#3.  Feel free to bring an outfit change or two.  :)

#4. Each of our sessions includes 3 sets of your choice.  I have TONS of sets to choose from!  Please follow the link below and choose the 3 sets you would like us to use during our session.

#5.  I like to keep our 1st Birthday sessions all about our BIG birthday boy/ girl.  If you would like to do a family picture (or two) I am happy for us to do what I can.  I would suggest an outside image (directly outside my studio is great) and I would suggest us doing the "All In" upgraded package.  :)


#6. I have many props in the studio.  If you have something special, please feel free to bring it with you.  Also, if you would like helium balloons, please bring those.  :)

#7. When choosing a cake for them to smash, I suggest a 5 or 6-inch cake with white or cream icing.  Due to the colors staining skin, teeth, clothes, I strongly suggest avoiding icing colors that are dark and bright (red, black, dark green, dark blue, bright pink). 

#8. Publix is very close to the studio (within 4 minutes).  They do a great job with cakes and they run around $12 for the sizes suggested (5-6 inches).  They also have balloons! This is just an option and you are welcome to get them wherever you would like. 


#9. The studio is located at 1564 N Meadowcrest Blvd, Crystal River, FL. 

#10. Come ready to have fun!!!!  Can't wait to see you and CELEBRATE!

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